The real value of learning to trade penny stocks

Educating people on the source to their financial freedom and independence!

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Financial Freedom

Investing in the stock market can be scary for a lot of people.  For those that understand the market, the promoters, the news and other factors, the stock market can be a source of financial stability and freedom!

I focus primarily on penny stocks and getting in and out quick.  Some trades can last 1 minute while some can last 24 hours or longer.  However, on average I would say most my plays last about 30 minutes.

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Learn certain patterns

Learn to “Short” Stocks

Patience versus Stupidity

Cutting your losses EARLY

Account Management

I have been investing in the stock market for over 10 years.  

If it wasn’t for Brad and Joseph, we wouldn’t have made the Fortune 1000 within three years.”


Mark B., Dynamic Industries

Peace of mind included

We offer a number of different business services, including back office management, accounting and finance assistance, business writing for business plans, reports and templates, marketing and advertising services, mentoring with high-level executives and many more.

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